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Soba tea, your new ally to drop the nasty habit

Nothing but eco - Soba Tea - blog post

If you’re like us, you just cannot go a day without treating yourself with a delicious cup of tea or coffee, and then again, if you are similar to us you cannot sleep if you indulge into one of these past six o’clock. The word decaf brings us nightmares, and we just know we are not alone in this one…

In the last few years a lot of people have tried to go caffeine free, convincing society that the ingestion of this compound is similar to being a crackhead. It’s not. Caffeine consumption can be healthy as long as it’s not taken as if it was water. There are proven benefits of caffeine like increasing metabolism speed or reducing the chances of getting Alzheimer. We’re not fighting against it, but we have to reckon that most caffeine consumers are addicts. Here are a few reasons why you should break your caffeine habit and replace your ingestion for something that makes you feel even better for much less. 

  • ¡Bye bye, anxiety!
  • Caffeine releases a burst of energy, but it comes with a price… along with it, “fight or flight” hormones are set free, which can translate to nervousness even if you’re just sitting in your living room, heart palpitations and even panic attacks. People who tend to be anxious have it even worse. If you are stressed or worrying already about something, don’t be your own enemy and take something that will have a positive impact on you, not something that will make you feel even worse. Try to listen to your body and treat it according to its needs.

  • Say YES to actually resting at night…
  • It really is no secret that it may be your caffeine ingestion that is preventing you from sleeping right. Daily caffeine intake can have a negative impact on your sleep cycle, and that’s the reason many people try not to drink caffeinated drinks at least six hours before going to bed. Cutting down your caffeine habit might even shorten the time you take to fall asleep.

  • Better health: nutrients absorption
  • Although caffeine comes with certain benefits, it mostly comes with a terrible cost. If you regularly intake caffeine, carry on with an imbalanced diet or simply have had this habit for a little bit too long, your body might be struggling to absorb certain nutrients such as calcium, iron and vitamins, specifically vitamin B which in the long run can turn to anemia. 

  • Pearly whites
  • Caffeine stains teeth, that ain’t no secret. But did you know that it’s not only the aesthetic that you are risking every time you drink caffeinated drinks? These products contain tannins in very high levels, plus the acidity, which can both cause buildup and the wearing down of enamel. 

  • Your hormones will thank you
  • Believe it or not, caffeine can also alter your estrogen levels which can result in an increase in certain risk conditions such as endometriosis and the extra production of cells. This can fatally mean breast and ovarian cancers. Along with these, it can also aggravate menopause symptoms. 

  • No more headaches
  • Caffeine can raise blood pressure levels, which has symptoms such as headaches, difficulty to breath and even nosebleeds. Another reason why you might be getting such an uncomfortable sensation out of ingesting caffeine is that its withdrawal is a real thing. You might have experienced one once you’ve skipped your morning cup of coffee or tea. Along with the headaches might come a severe fatigue, difficulty to concentrate, irritability and even brain fog.

  • Happier brain
  • It’s sooooo real. Caffeine can alter your brain chemistry in a similar way that other drugs. If you decide to quit your daily morning cup of coffee you might be aware of the addictive qualities of the substance. 

  • Healthy digestion
  • While a low amount of caffeine might be necessary for your gut, its consumption in excess might bring you some issues such as unpleasant digestive problems like an intemperate laxative effect, overstimulation of the bowels, diarrhea and even incontinence. Not only can you suffer from these stinky situations, you might also get gastritis due to the acidity of caffeine. 

  • Wrinkles, who?
  • If you regularly drink caffeine, you are interfering with your collagen formation, which results in dull skin, brittle nails, ashy skin and a general decay in external appearance. People who consume healthy amounts of caffeine do not or should not face this problem. 

    Again, we do not intend to satanize caffeine. You should still be able to enjoy your cup of coffee or tea as long as you do not suffer from it. What a lot of studies recommend doing is drinking the same amount of water per caffeine ingested so that you counteract the negative effects caffeine might bring you. 

    There are some teas without caffeine, like chamomile, peppermint, lemon, and ginger to mention a few. At least for us, none could get it right. Not one of these teas could replace a good cup of coffee or green tea, because when talking about taste, all of them are flavors that you can find in other foods, or teas taken when facing a stomach ache, sore throat and other mild sickness’ so it simply didn’t feel like a treat. 

    After a long search, we found the perfect alternative: buckwheat tea. If you suffer every time you drink caffeinated drinks, and hate plain non caffeinated teas, this will also be your new ally. You’ll fall in love with buckwheat tea. Not only is it healthy and full of benefits, it is delicious. It holds a mellow buttery and nutty taste. Just one cup is full of vitamins and antioxidants that help you boost your beauty from within. You can get all those benefits from simply enjoying this gluten and caffeine free tea. It really is as simple as it sounds, you’ll be drinking tea made out of a superfood. So you get to treat yourself while still taking care of your body’s health. 

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